Defendants in Denver and across the nation who are facing the criminal justice system not only must face the test of guilt or innocence, but they also face the challenge of mitigating their damages and getting the fairest shake possible from a judge or jury. This is certainly the case of those charged withfelony drug charges.

According to news reports, the National Association of Drug Court Professionals is at the forefront of a movement that advocates getting help for drug defendants, instead of just swift and severe punishment. The message they are conveying is that such an approach is a good thing both for them and the communities where they reside.

The association is now on the road with its "All Rise America!" program, and it has targeted several Colorado communities, including Denver.

At the heart of their busy schedule is a visit to the Second Judicial District (Denver County) Drug Court in Denver. They will be attending a graduation ceremony on May 8 for participants of the Second Judicial District Drug Court.

These fortunate few, some 16 illegal substance abusers, were beneficiaries of a program that not only kept them from long-term jail sentences, but taught them job skills to help keep them on the straight and narrow. The getting-straight school is accomplished under strict supervision to protect the community as the rehabilitation is accomplished.

The drug courts join other similar programs in Colorado, including DUI courts, mental health courts and courts for military vets fighting trauma-related disorders.

All this, of course, is good news not only for the drug offenders, but also for the defense counsels that represent them. Attorneys can help guide their defendants away from the jailhouse and into a productive program.

Source:  Law Week Colorado, "Cross-Country Drug Court Tour To Make 3 Colorado Stops" Unknown, May. 06, 2013