As one Denver law enforcement official points out, child pornography is the criminal offense that can snare folks from all classes and professions. Folks from the pulpit to the streets can be charged with and convicted of possession of child pornography.

That same official, however, warns that this particular sex crime is considered to be exploitive of children, and those crossing the line will always be held strictly accountable.

That certainly was the outcome in the case of a Denver man, who at his recent sentencing for the unique sex crime was tagged with facing more than eight years in the federal lock-up.

According to news reports, the man came into possession of more than 13,000 images of child pornography. Instead of keeping this illegal trove to himself, however, he used file-sharing software to transmit some of the illicit images to an undercover FBI agent. That agent kept careful records of the electronic transmissions to buttress his case for arrest and the seizure of yet additional evidence.

A U.S. district court judge issued the sentence on May 2 for the defendant, who pleaded guilty in December 2012 to possession of child pornography. Free on bond until his sentencing, he was handcuffed and taken into custody immediately after his sentencing hearing.

Once employed as a DJ at a local strip club, his jail time is to be followed by 10 years on supervised release. He also was ordered to pay $5,000 to victims of his crimes.

Cases such as the DJ's are being propelled by Project Safe Childhood. Kicked-off in May 2006 by the Department of Justice, the program is designed to combine federal, state, and local resources to locate, apprehend, and prosecute individuals who sexually exploit children.

There are defense attorneys that specialize in representing those who are charged with the possession or possible distribution of child pornography. They are there to address not only issues of privacy in the home, but the all-too-common phenomenon in the computer age of unwittingly downloading proscribed images.

Source:  Fox 31 Denver, "Denver strip club DJ sent to prison for child pornography" Unknown, May. 03, 2013