Recently, the media has reported that underage drinking contributes to many deaths in teenagers, and not all of them are attributed to car accidents. Many serious injuries and fatalities result from drunk driving accidents, as well as other accidents caused by risky behaviors and alcohol poisoning. In addition to these safety risks, teenagers can face serious legal consequences if they are arrested for underage drunk driving.

With prom just around the corner, the threat of underage drinking and driving increases in Colorado. Underage drunk driving charges are very serious as they can impact a teen's life in significant ways, like their ability to get into college and find a good job.

People under the age of 21 do not have to be over the .08 legal limit established under Colorado law. Teenagers and young adults who have any amount of alcohol found in their system can face DUI charges.

During springtime, Colorado usually sees more underage drunk driving arrests due to prom and graduation parties. This is because more teenagers are going to parties where alcohol may be present and many teenagers do not have to consume a lot of alcohol to become intoxicated.

Underage individuals can also face additional criminal charges for any other legal activities they may have broken while they were drinking. Teens involved in drunk driving accidents can not only face DUI charges but also other criminal charges if their accident results in any harm to another driver.

Drunk driving is a very serious offense and should be taken seriously by anyone who is charged. That is why it is important for individuals arrested for drunk driving to consult a criminal defense attorney to discuss their case and protect their rights.

Source: Examiner, "Parents urged to talk to their teens about underage drinking," Karen Graham, April 18, 2013