After the state of Colorado made marijuana use legal, a debate started over how it would impact impaired driving in the state. Now, Colorado lawmakers have proposed a bill that would establish limits for marijuana use while driving.

The proposed bill would define a driver being impaired if the driver's blood had more than five nanograms of THC, which is one of the main ingredients in marijuana. The bill would allow drivers charged with driving under the influence to argue that they were sober even if their blood test shows that they had more than five nanograms in their system.

The House Appropriations Committee has already approved the bill and the House will be next to vote on the bill in Colorado.

This is not the first time the state has tried to pass a ban on driving while impaired by marijuana. Colorado lawmakers have proposed three bills in the past that would have set a limit for the amount of marijuana a driver can have in their blood before being declared impaired. However, the three former bills were never passed in the legislature.

If the proposed bill is passed in Colorado, it could have a significant impact on the number of DUI arrests and charges in the state. Just like current charges against drivers who have a blood alcohol content, drivers who are found to have too much marijuana in their system could be charged with a DUI.

The proposed bill does allow alleged offenders to argue that they were sober while driving despite what their blood sample shows. The bill did not specifically state how someone would argue that they were sober while driving but it does give an opportunity for those arrested to possibly be cleared of any charges.

Since the bill does not explain how offenders were argue against their impairment, those arrested for driving while under the influence of marijuana should contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss their specific case and how to prove that they were sober while driving.

Source: Fox 21 News, "Marijuana DUI bill advances in Colorado after delay," April 1, 2013