Being charged with a sexual offense is a very serious issue and individuals should be aware that being arrested for public urination could result in having to register as a sex offender in Colorado.

Individuals who are arrested for public urination may only face misdemeanor charges but in some cases, the charges may be a lot worse. This all depends on where the offense took place and who was around to see. Public urination arrests can result in a sex offense charge if children were present or if it occurred near a place where children are like a playground or school.

Public urination charges can turn into a sexual offense if children are around because the crime also includes exposing yourself to a child. Individuals who are charged with exposing oneself to a child may be required to register as a sex offender under Colorado law.

In addition to having a criminal charge on your record, registering as a sex offender will mean an individual's personal information will be available online for the public and it could impact a person's life in many ways, including loss of job opportunities as well as restrictions on where a person can live.

While a majority of public urination charges happen after someone had too many drinks at the bar or it was late at night and there was nowhere else to relieve yourself, these charges should be taken very seriously because it could severely impact a person's future if they are charged with a sexual offense.

Individuals who have been arrested for public urination should contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss their specific case and understand what possible crimes they may be charged with.

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