A former Blackwater private security contractor for the CIA recently caused headlines in the Denver area. The man recently pleaded guilty to assaulting another Colorado man after an argument over a parking spot outside of a local bagel shop.

According to reports, the U.S. Army and Special Forces veteran started the incident by knocking the other man to the ground. The assaulted man has also filed a civil lawsuit claiming injuries sustained in the form of fractured vertebrae and emotional distress. The veteran was arrested on the scene by authorities.

As part of the plea agreement the veteran is asking the Douglas County District Court for a misdemeanor third-degree assault charge as well as a two year probation. He has also been ordered to take anger management classes as well as write an apology letter to the victim. Originally, the man was charged with second-degree felony assault as a result of the parking lot fight.

The former CIA contractor is not new to the media spotlight either. Back in 2011, the man was also involved in an infamous international incident associated with his work in Pakistan for Blackwater, now Xe Services. While working in Pakistan, the man shot and killed two locals in what he claimed was self-defense as they tried to rob him. He was later acquitted of the two murders and after the two families were paid $2.3 million dollars from an unknown source, he was allowed to leave the country.

As the plea agreement shows above, a knowledgeable defense attorney can help mitigate some of the consequences of the charges brought against those who are arrested for crimes. A solid defense can make a difference on the ripple effects of the actions that result in an arrest. A reduction in charges can often help lead to recovery from an incident rather than ruining a life and reputation when acquittal is not an option.

Source: Reuters, "Ex-CIA contractor pleads guilty in Colorado assault case," Keith Coffman, Mar. 1, 2013