Sometimes, celebrity mistakes can go a long way in teaching us life lessons if we choose to pay attention. Without realizing it, rapper 2Chainz may have just provided his followers, here in Colorado and everywhere else, one of those lessons. Originally pulled over for speeding, he is now being cited for possessing drug paraphernalia and marijuana.

While Coloradoans may not have to worry as much as other states about marijuana possession, lessons can still be gleaned from the way in which police turned a routine speeding stop into a car search for drugs. Smelling a strong odor of marijuana upon pulling over the rapper, police on the East Coast decided to search his vehicle and a backpack found within. The rapper, whose real name is Tauheed Epps, claimed ownership of the backpack and was subsequently arrested.

The backpack had a marijuana grinder and traces of the drug which were illegal in that state and the rapper was then arrested then cited. He faces up to a year in jail and a $1000 fine for the citation. This incident just goes to show that what some view as minor crimes can offer turn into greater charges and citations.

Knowing your rights and a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can both be helpful in a scenario like this. By avoiding any criminalizing remarks or statements as well as contacting an attorney immediately, those charged with and cited for drug crimes can greatly mitigate the consequences of their arrest. It may be that due to police error or procedural injustice, the charges may also be dropped. By acting quickly, you can help to ensure that your rights are more adequately protected and advocated for.

Source: KGO-TV, "Rapper 2Chainz arrested in Maryland on drug charge," Mar. 1, 2013