The age of sexual consent in the state of Colorado is 17. There are some exceptions for minors less than 17, but by law, regardless of circumstances, one commits sexual assault if ten years older than minors who are 15 to 16-years-old when engaging in intimate relations. Sexual assault of this nature is considered a misdemeanor sexual assault and as an "extraordinary risk crime" can carry up to a 24 month jail sentence, $5000 fine, or both.

One 36-year-old woman is now facing these charges for an inappropriate relationship that she carried on with her son's friend in Grand Junction. She was arrested and charges with sexually seducing and engaging in sex with a minor. The sexual encounters reportedly first occurred during a sleepover she was hosting for her son. She ultimately faces seven criminal charges related to her encounters with the teenage boy, six of which are considered felonies.

According to reports, the woman and the teen engaged in several sexual escapades over a one month period last year. The mother of the teen allegedly discovered inappropriate text messages between the teen and the woman she would leave her son with while she searched for jobs. On further pressing the teen on the texts, he reportedly confessed the sexual nature of the relationship to his mother. The teen acknowledges that he may have been taken advantage of due to the age difference, but he also claims that he did not feel forced into anything and that the sexual encounters were consensual.

Regardless of the consensual nature, by law, the woman is facing serious consequences to her actions. That is why when one finds themselves in this type of situation, it is always best to reach out to a criminal defense attorney that practices in the area of sex crimes. They will be able to help guide you through the legal process that awaits while simultaneously helping build for you a solid defense to help mitigate the consequences of any criminal actions that may have either knowingly or unknowingly occurred.

Source: The Inquisitr, "Colorado Woman Faces Felony Charges For Sexually Seducing Underage Friend Of Son At Sleepover," Megan Charles, Mar. 3, 2013