Many in the Denver area may not realize that Colorado state law allows for speed cameras as well as red light cameras on the roadways. While the speed cameras are limited to construction, school zones, and residential areas or adjacent to municipal parks, red light cameras are permitted statewide.

While there may be some perceived benefits from the red light cameras only being a $75 fine and no points added to a Colorado resident's record as well as some indications that they may reduce traffic accidents, some worry that problematic cameras create hassles for residents and back-ups in the legal system. These traffic violations should concern all Colorado residents as they can be both expensive as well as time consuming for both the recipients of the citations and an already clogged court system supported by the taxpayers.

While in some states, the red light traffic cameras have been known to help reduce fatal head on and side collisions at intersections, some studies suggest that it is also raising the incidents of rear-end collisions. This is due to individuals who may have once thought about going through a yellow light suddenly slamming on their breaks to avoid a ticket and others behind them not reacting quickly enough.

Some researchers suggest that the best way to make cameras (when permitted) more reliable and less likely to become "problem cameras" and reduce all collisions, is to increase the amount of time that the light is yellow. They also suggest that if yellow lights were correctly implemented based on best practices and traffic engineering suggestions, that no red light cameras would be needed as those corrections themselves would reduce accidents as well as violations naturally.

If you need assistance with defending yourself with your traffic violations and would like to lessen the implications of such a citation, please contact a criminal defense attorney. A Denver attorney who practices in the area of traffic violations can help you best decide what course of action to pursue given the legal options available to you.

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