Some may wonder what makes a criminal defense attorney take up the banner and defend those society may have already unjustly deemed guilty in the public opinion. Well, if not me, then who? In the event that you are arrested, whether guilty or not, and the government is looking at prosecuting you in order to strip you of your freedom and rights, who will you turn to?

Criminal defense attorneys exist in part because our Founding Fathers fought for an individual's right to have their rights protected. They thought that everyone's rights under the law were so important that they were foundational to a free society. That is why those rights to defense counsel are protected in the Sixth Amendment. Each individual's rights, even those accused or crimes against society, are paramount to making our system as a whole work.

That is why individuals such as the man in Colorado Springs, who recently "shocked" police and the community by his crime spree, should not immediately be condemned and convicted but provided the opportunity to give a defense and explain what may have led to such actions. While circumstances may not justify the actions, they can help to establish what defenses are available to an individual and help to mitigate consequences that may determine whether or not someone is rehabilitated through the legal system or permanently damaged by it. Their zealous defense also keeps the legal system rooted in the pursuit of true justice.

If you should find yourself somehow in need of a criminal defense attorney, please reach out to one you trust to safeguard your rights immediately. Their knowledge and skill can help you navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system and they will be zealous advocates for your rights.

Source:, "Wild crime spree ends with vehicle ramming police cars," Daniel Chacón, Jan. 30, 2013