In Colorado people like to have a good time. Whether it is skiing in the winter or mountain biking and kayaking in the summer, Coloradoans stay active and enjoy life. However, most activities require some sort of transportation and if those activities or get-togethers involve alcohol, Coloradoans tend to get behind the wheel afterwards while intoxicated more than most in the nation.

While DUI arrests national wide have been holding steady, numbers in Colorado have increased quite dramatically. Summit County has experienced a jump in DUI arrests of 30 percent in the last year. The total number of arrests in the County was 402 according to local Law Enforcement agencies. Colorado as a whole increased the number of arrests from the previous year by 39 percent. It is estimated that every day 27 people die due to drunk driving crashes nationwide. What concerns Law Enforcement agencies is that this increase comes at a time where an increased awareness of the dangers of such actions should be leading to a decrease in the numbers.

What many in Colorado don't realize however are the quick and devastating consequences of drunk driving even if one manages not to cause an accident. If charged with a DUI your license can be suspended and the loss of driving privileges can also create difficulties in making it to further hearings as well as financial difficulties in getting to work or a loss of employment due to lack of transportation on top of fines assessed. In Colorado a driver arrested for DUI has seven days to request a Department of Motor Vehicle hearing or risk losing their license for a year or more.

By immediately requesting legal representation from a criminal defense attorney who knows how to navigate the sometimes complicated DUI process, you can help mitigate the consequences. Don't lose your license and risk financial ruin just because you don't know your rights. Seek help and call a lawyer.

Source:, "DUI arrests up in Summit County," Matt Renoux, Jan. 5, 2013

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